Client: Eurofins Scientific, Inc. (FP:ERF)
Transaction: Acquisition of Focus Bio-Inova, Inc.
Industry: Services - Inspection, Testing and Measurement
Service: Buy-Side Advisory
Owner: Publicly Traded
Details: Eurofins Scientific, Inc. (FP:ERF) acquired Focus Bio-Inova, Inc., a renowned central laboratory organization providing worldwide laboratory services and custom microbiology antibiotics resistance testing to the pharmaceutical industry in support of the development and commercialization of new therapeutics. Eurofins Scienific, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, is a leading international group of laboratories providing a comprehensive range of bio-analytical testing and support services to the food, pharmaceutical and environmental industries.

Testimonial: "Had we not been proactive in the marketplace, Eurofins likely would have missed out on a high-quality acquisition that complemented our service offering to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The professionalism, timeliness and expertise of George K. Baum's professionals sets them apart in the field of potential services providers Eurofins could have used to help us build our business in North America."

Dr. Thomas W. Burnell
Chief Executive Officer
Eurofins Scientific, Inc.

Case Study: Eurofins Scientific, Inc.
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