Client: Marlen Research Corporation
Transaction: Sale to The Dominion Company, LLC
Industry: Manufacturing - Food Equipment
Food - Equipment
Service: Sell-Side Advisory
Owner: Privately Held
Details: Marlen Research Corporation was sold to The Dominion Company, LLC, a manufacturer of wholesale baking equipment. Marlen Research is a leading designer and manufacturer of food processing machines, including pumping, portioning, forming and extruding equipment for customers in the meat, fruit and vegetable, snack food, bakery, general food and other non-food segments.

Testimonial: "From the beginning, I was confident in my choice to work with George K. Baum. They tackled the project with intensity, creativity and excitement. Marlen was very important to my family and me, and GKB's professionalism throughout the process showed me they understood that. Of course, I was also very pleased with the outcome of their sale process, not only in terms of the value received for Marlen and the favorable transaction structure, but also that Marlen employees would continue to have opportunity going forward."

Harold Melcher
Co-Founder and Majority Stockholder
Marlen Research Corporation

Case Study: Marlen Research Corporation
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