Client: Plastic Enterprises Co., Inc.
Transaction: Sale to IPL Inc., a portfolio company of Novacap Industries III, L.P. and Fonds de solidarite FTQ
Industry: Plastics & Packaging - Rigid Plastics
Manufacturing - Plastics & Packaging
Service: Sell-Side Advisory
Owner: Privately Held
Details: Plastic Enterprises Co., Inc. was acquired by IPL Inc., a portfolio company of Novacap Industries III, L.P. and Fonds de solidarit√© FTQ. Plastic Enterprises manufactures thin-walled, rigid plastic overcaps and containers for food and beverage products sold in retail channels.  With expertise in high-cavitation injection molding and in-mold labeling, the Company produces primary packaging solutions that provide best-in-class value for many of the leading branded and private label food product companies in North America.

Testimonial: "We wanted to find an advisor that had the necessary expertise and was willing to devote the time and effort required to understand what is special about our team and our business.  We selected George K. Baum and their performance proved our selection was correct.  The consistency, quality, and thoroughness of their effort from the first day of the engagement to closing were unwavering and remarkable.  The GKB team handled all phases of the engagement effectively and with professionalism.  The results attained speak for themselves; we achieved our objectives in every respect."

Chuck Koester
President and Chief Executive Officer
Plastic Enterprises Co., Inc.

Case Study: Plastic Enterprises Co., Inc.
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