Client: PlattForm Advertising, Inc.
Transaction: Sale to Arlington Capital Partners
Industry: Services - Marketing and Information
Service: Sell-Side Advisory
Owner: Privately Held
Details: PlattForm Advertising, Inc. was acquired by Arlington Capital Partners, a Washington, DC-based private equity firm focused on market-leading firms in growth industries. PlattForm Advertising is a leading marketing services company specializing in direct response advertising and enrollment solutions for post-secondary education institutions, with a particular emphasis on career schools.

Testimonial: "George K. Baum provided a level of service above and beyond what I expected from a financial advisor. Their dedication to PlattForm, understanding of our industry and senior-level attention throughout the process set them apart from other service providers. Ultimately, GKB's diligence and expertise were instrumental to the success of our transactions and allowed us to successfully realize our objectives."

Michael Platt
Chief Executive Officer
PlattForm Advertising, Inc.

Case Study: PlattForm Advertising, Inc.
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