Client: Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC
Transaction: Sale to Striker Partners I, LP
Industry: Services - Education
Service: Sell-Side Advisory
Owner: Privately Held
Details: Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC was recapitalized by Striker Partners, a private equity investment affiliate of the Graham Group. Surgent McCoy is one of the nation's most respected providers of professional education and specialized career training services to tax, accounting and estate and retirement planning practitioners.

Testimonial: "George K. Baum provided thorough and insightful advice, strategy and direction throughout the entire process. I underestimated the detail and complexity of these kinds of transactions. GKB efficiently anticipated issues and proposed creative solutions, and diligently worked with me every step of the way to a successful closing. The value they brought to this transaction cannot be overstated."

Jack Surgent
Founder and Managing Member of Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC

Case Study: Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC
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